Our GRAYT Team



At GRAYT Solutions, we position ourselves with some of the best industry leaders. Our diverse team of experts allows us the versatility and flexibility to take care of clients anywhere in the world.

GRAYT Solutions is committed to assisting great people in the development of their great idea(s) by providing them with a GRAYT solution. We are here to help you with your personal, professional, and business needs. 

Our GRAYT Team consists of experienced professional and business writers, project managers, financial advisors, marketing/branding experts. 



VinSche’ Y.

Principal Consultant, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Visionary | Altruistic | Culture Creator-Keeper

VinSche’ is a natural-born leader full of passion. Her expertise as a consultant stems from her educational background in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Leadership-Organizational Consulting & Coaching. VinSche’ enjoys challenging and inspiring those with who she has the unique opportunity to work alongside. It brings her great joy to work with others in improving themselves and their work environment. As a consultant, coach, and facilitator it is her mission to help organizations create a culture where people are more connected 

Litney L. 

Lead Business & Content Consultant 

Communicator| Resourceful | Developer
From the higher education environment to the corporate business setting, Litney has been blessed with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Her aim is excellence in serving diverse organizations with her unique communication style and knowledge. Over the past years, Litney has developed competence as a professional who operates with effectiveness and integrity. She enjoys serving with GRAYT Solutions LLC  in Advisory and Content Critique.